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  1. Brief history of roll development


    With the development of metallurgical technology and the evolution of rolling equipment, the variety and manufacturing technology of roll are developing. In the Middle Ages, low strength gray cast iron rolls were used for rolling soft Non-ferrous metal. In the middle of the 18th century, England mastered the production technique of cold-setting cast iron rolls for rolling steel plates. The improve

  2. Performance requirements for rolls


    The work roll of small 20-high mill only weighs about 100g, but the weight of the back-up roll of wide and heavy plate mill has exceeded 200t. According to the basic strength requirement of the rolling mill, the main material of safety bearing is selected, such as cast iron, cast steel or forged steel, etc. . Folding hardness and high speed finishing roll, rolling the final product to have

  3. What should roll grinder work notice


    1. Pay Close attention to the contact between the grinding wheel and the surface of the workpiece. When the surface of the workpiece is just in contact with the grinding wheel, continuous hissing sound can be heard. The water traces on the surface of the workpiece can be carried away by the rotating grinding wheel. At the same time, a faint spark can be seen. Cooling liquid should choose a slightl

  4. What are the components of a roller grinder


    The roller grinder is composed of bed, head frame, tail frame, bracket, Longitudinal and transverse dragging board,grinding head, measuring frame and electrical numerical control system. The workpiece is supported by the head frame, tail frame and bracket, and is driven to rotate by the head frame. According to the mathematical model of roll surface Generatrix, the CNC system controls th

  5. Take you to understand the operation procedure of Roller Grinder


    The roller grinder is a new type of metal cutting machine tool. In industry, especially in the factory where the lathe is the main part, we can see such a machine tool, which uses diamond wheel as a tool, cutting or polishing the outer circle of some Alloy Roller Rings. Operation Rules of Roll Grinder: 1. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine,

  6. Roll is an important component in steel rolling


    Roll is an important component in steel rolling. The development and application of its material is also very important. In recent years, with the rapid development of automobile, household appliances, railway, bridge and construction industry in China, the rapid development of steel rolling industry has been promoted, it promotes the progress of rolling technology, the Working Environment of roll

  7. Roll quality can not be "discounted"


    In recent years, high-speed steel rolls, which have been used in more than 100 sets of Bar Mills at home and abroad, have been deeply loved by the Steel Rolling Industry for their good wear resistance and high product size accuracy, and have increased the enthusiasm of roll manufacturers in developing this new product, the invention not only promotes the technical progress of the roll manufacturin

  8. The roll produces elastic flattening for the minimum plate thickness


    The minimum thickness of a plate that can be rolled when the roll is elastically flattened. When rolling certain products on a certain rolling mill, it is more and more difficult to press down with the plate and strip thinning gradually. When the Strip is thin to a certain limit, no matter how the screw is screwed or the hydraulic pressure is increased, no matter how many passes are repeatedly rol

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