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Hubei Jinbiao general roller Co., Ltd. is located in Xiangyang, a famous historical and cultural city in seven provinces and one of the top ten charming cities in China. "Sangumulu" ancient long, Taoist Holy Land Wudang Mountain, picturesque Shennongjia is nearby. The company is a professional roller manufacturer with more than 50 years' roll production history in China (formerly Hubei Xiangyang roll Co., Ltd.; Hubei Jinzhu general roller Co., Ltd.), with more than 500 varieties of products in ten categories. According to the drawings provided by customers, the company can produce alloy roll, non trapping roll and cast iron roll with diameter of 120-1200mm and length of 800-2400mm. The company has strong technical force and complete detection means. It has advanced medium frequency steel shell electric furnace, heat treatment equipment, spectrum analyzer, chemical and physical laboratory. It can not only quickly analyze carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, nickel, molybdenum, chromium and other elements, but also can carry out metal crystal image analysis and flaw detection analysis; it can carry out dynamic balance detection on machined parts; Supporting infrastructure - large crane crane (15 sets), 4000kv substation system. Bimetal compound centrifugal casting and precision complete machining equipment. The products sell well all over the country. The company has the qualification of independent export business, and has been sold to more than ten countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Europe.
In 2012, from the height of scientific development, the company seized the commanding height of product strategy, constantly innovated consciousness and innovative concept, invested 150 million yuan, acquired 130 mu of land in Shenzhen Industrial Park of Xiangyang Development Zone, built five new factory buildings and one comprehensive building: one new NC production line in the machining workshop, and five new heavy roll grinding machines. The product quality has been improved and can meet the high-end requirements The casting workshop has invested more than 5 million yuan to build three new steel shell electric furnaces and add a batch of large moulds, which can produce high chromium roller, high nickel roller, surface roller, grinding powder, biscuit roll, chemical roller, mining roll, oil roller, rubber roll, stainless steel roll, rubber roll, etc.
The company has been adhering to the principle of "quality first, user first", strengthening enterprise management and quality management. In 2007, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, and in 2007, the product was rated as "the top ten famous rolls in China". The tenet of the company is "unity, integrity, persistence and innovation".
The company can also produce various brands of nodular iron, high strength cast iron, alloy cast iron, and according to the requirements of customers, production and development of other special specifications of alloy, iron castings, steel castings, etc.

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