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Take you to understand the operation procedure of Roller Grinder
Source:English website Release time:2020/7/3 11:29:19

        The roller grinder is a new type of metal cutting machine tool. In industry, especially in the factory where the lathe is the main part, we can see such a machine tool, which uses diamond wheel as a tool, cutting or polishing the outer circle of some Alloy Roller Rings.    Operation Rules of Roll Grinder:
       1. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine, and abide by the safety and hand-over system.
      2, the operator must be in accordance with the requirements of the grinder instruction, detailed understanding and memorization of the lubrication parts, lubrication methods and lubricating oil types, grades, according to the Grinder Lubrication Chart Provisions for oil maintenance.
     3. Before starting work, wear protective articles according to the regulations, check the parts of the grinder in detail against the record book of shift, report the problems in time and step by step, and don't start work without exception.
    4. The following parts of the roll grinder should be inspected before starting work.
(1) The oil content in the oil tank should reach the specified oil level.
(2)Adjust the belt tightness is appropriate.
(3)The protective cover and the grinding wheel should be installed firmly, the position is correct, the dustproof felt pad is closely pasted.
(4)Check the electrical system is good, the surrounding environment should be clean, no short circuit.
(5)according to the Roller Grinder instruction stipulation lubrication place, in turn injects the lubricating oil.
(6) switch on the General power supply, start the oil pump and other motor in sequence, pay attention to the running state, found abnormal, abnormal sound should immediately turn off the power supply.
(7) Start Roll Grinder, idling 3min, check all parts of the action is normal, we are normal, coolant is smooth.
(8) should prevent the grinding wheel from damp before installing the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel should do a balance test, strictly forbid the grinding wheel to have the crack.
(9) When installing the grinding wheel, the paper pad of 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm should be used between the grinding wheel and the pressing plate, and the special spanner should be used to tighten it evenly and forcibly.
(10) Thegrinding wheel should run without load for 5 minutes after being installed. The operator should avoid the front side and make sure that the grinding wheel is running normally before using it.
     5.the Piston Rod must be installed in accordance with the provisions, must confirm the status of the grinder, before permission to start.
     6.the processing roller must be prior to the removal of the processed part of the grease, black dirt and dust. According to the material of the workpiece reasonable selection of grinding wheel and grinding volume, grinding workpiece blank is strictly prohibited.
     7. When loading and measuring the workpiece, the grinding wheel must be removed from the workpiece and stopped. When the workpiece and grinding wheel do not leave, do not stop halfway. When the grinding wheel approaches the workpiece, do not use the maneuver feed.  not      

     8. Do allow operator to leave the grinder or the escrow while working. If it is necessary to leave because of power failure or other reasons, the grinding wheel should be stopped after leaving the workpiece. When restarting the grinding machine, make sure all parts are in good condition before starting.
     9. grinder work, should pay attention to the transmission part of the state, such as oil temperature and oil pressure is normal, coolant is smooth and accurate poured on the workpiece, oil pump and motor temperature is normal, there is abnormal sound; Whether the operating handle is in the correct position, whether the fasteners have loose displacement, etc.
     10. Do not place metal objects on countertops or painted surfaces.
     11.It is forbidden to knock, disassemble and straighten the workpieces on the worktable and the bed.
     12.After the grinder accident, should maintain the scene, cut off the power. Report quickly and properly.
     13.after work, the grinding wheel should be removed from the workpiece, cut off the total power supply, the handle placed in the vacancy. Restore the grinder to normal condition and do daily maintenance.
     14. Fill in the shift record book and other relevant records. Metallurgy roll, roll processing, roll grinding wheel

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